Sleeping in parks and other hobo behavior

Ahhhh, cramped transatlantic flights. How I have missed you. No, not really. Thank heavens for free booze. Is the fact that these flights are much more uncomfortable than they used to be a sign that I’m…getting old? Nah, it’s probably because I just finished a year and a half of treatments. Gonna swipe my cancer card here.

Dusseldorf Airport was a shining beacon of cramped benches and fast-food joints, both after the long flight and also after the long time away from traveling for me. In fact, Dusseldorf was my last taste of life abroad the last time I was out of the country back in 2012. I slept on a hard airport bench the night before my flight and went through passport control with pangs of sadness stabbing at me. I already missed the joy of the open road, the people I had come to know, and of course, my new boyfriend. As much as I was looking forward to seeing my family, having a bit more bathroom privacy, and thoroughly washing my grimy clothes that left swirling black clouds in the washwater, if I had the funds to travels for another six months, I would’ve jumped at it in a heartbeat.

Money and job issues kept me from traveling for the next year and a half, and this pesky little cancer thing kept me from traveling after that. In fact, during the darkest days, I wondered if I would ever make it overseas again.

Returning from that tangent, I wish I could tell you enthralling stories of Dusseldorf. Alas, Dusseldorf is a blob in the middle of Germany. Nothing to see here.

One thing I will give Dusseldolf is it’s aubudence of public green spaces. We walked along the promenade on the Rhine, beautiful old building beckoning in the background. But as lovely as it was, I was more focused on taking my exhausted self to one of the many city parks – where we could sprawl out on the grass and sleep off our uncomfortable plane journey, passing off as lazy summer park goers.

I will write more about my love of city parks and how they reflect the local culture in upcoming posts, but Nord Park served its purpose of letting us have a nice nap, although we did not have a chance to drink in the local culture (aside from a friendly dog coming up to greet us!)

After a sound sleep, we woke up, ate some Turkish kebab and started our journey to Poland.

Younes snapped this pic from the plane on our descent into Dusseldorf
Younes snapped this pic from the plane on our descent into Dusseldorf

along the rhine

Along the Rhine

clock church


sleepy traveler

Sleepy traveler

y dusseldorf

Marginally more awake

nap place

Nap time!

Sleeping in parks and other hobo behavior

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