The old man and the kayak

As I love to be on the water, I jumped at the chance to go kayaking curtesy of K’s dad, who owns a kayak. I thought it was just going to be Younes and I on his kayak. But when we got to the lake (a different one from the previous day’s swim; Poznan has many lakes), K’s dad hauled out his kayak and rented a second. He had K’s wife go along with him and Younes and I went into the second.

Now, despite living on water, I haven’t had many opportunities to kayak, as we don’t own one and rental is expensive. Younes is even less experienced than I, only having kayaked once before. By the time we had figured out our rhythm, K’s dad and wife were a third of the way across the expansive lake. They let us catch up around the middle of the lake and then took off again, leaving us in their wake. When we arrived at the small beach across the lake, K’s dad was standing on the pier with a wide smirk on his face. K’s wife later told us that he enjoyed kicking the butts of the young ones.

I dipped in the lake to cool off and we had a quick snack before we headed out again. Younes and I geared up for another round of having our asses handed  to us and K’s dad certainly did not disappoint. Once again, he was halfway across the lake before we could get into a rhythm. And once again, he was quite gleeful about being so far ahead of us. The man definitely has a competitive streak.

In the end though, our somewhat dismal performance at kayaking could not put a damper on a beautiful day on a beautiful lake, with great company and a chance to kayak off some excessive energy and return home that night sun-soaked, tired and happy.

(These pictures were taken by K’s wife.

kayak close

kayak distance

kayak or paddleboard

kayak thumbs up

kayak way back

The old man and the kayak

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