#truckingtuesday Things I won’t miss from the trucking lifestyle

I just dropped Younes off at his truck. He will be going for this run alone, as I stay back to work on my writing, breast cancer advocacy, and take care of some medical appointments.

I enjoy many things about traveling in the truck, most of all the company of my husband. However, there are a few things I definitely don't miss when I'm away from it.

  • Lack of restroom facilities.
  • Especially in the middle of the night.
  • Or when we pull up to a shipper or receiver and they claim they have no facilities for women. (What if a woman applies to work in your warehouse JERK?!)
  • Not getting a daily shower.
  • Especially in the South in the middle of summer.
  • And having to wear shower shoes when you finally get one, just like in college.
  • Lack of fresh vegetables. (I had asparagus last night, charred leeks tonight. SO TASTY.)
  • Sharing a single bed with a six-foot tall guy who has a tendency to whack me with his elbow in his sleep.
  • The alternative is he sleeps separately in the top bunk. I miss the cuddles then.
  • All-day long waits at the shipper or receiver.
  • Sitting all the time/lack of movement.
  • Clumsy people like myself find lots of pitfalls, like balancing food on my lap while the truck is moving and spilling all over myself and wiping out on the pavement as I climb out of the truck.
  • The terrible choice between Popeyes and Taco Hell at the truck stop. This is only surpassed by…
  • The only choice being Subway.
  • Subway graces almost every truck stop and it gets old fast.
  • Especially the smell of it.
  • GAG.
  • Unreliable internet.
  • Getting lost.
  • One word. Breakdown.

So while there's fun things about the trucking life, there's also some very not fun things. Now excuse me while I eat some more fresh veggies, enjoy my private shower, and then drift off to sleep while watching Law & Order using the reliable internet on my iPad in my queen-sized bed.

Younes posing for a picture during a breakdown

#truckingtuesday Things I won’t miss from the trucking lifestyle

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