#truckingtuesday – Looking for adventure

I've mentioned the monotony of trucking before. It can be crazymaking to someone like me who is used to adventures in my travels. So when I can, I try to make my own adventure.

Being down in Texas near the Mexican boarder, we stopped at a shipper in Del Rio. The May sun beat down on the truck and my feet were covered in blisters, a side effect of the oral chemo I'm on. But when I saw Rio Grande was only about a half-mile away, according to Google maps, I decided to set out on foot. I wanted to get close as possible to the shores, the see the roaring river. I believe bodies of water hold many stories and the Rio is no exception.

I walked through the dust of the truck yard and tried to take a shortcut. Barbed wire fence. Sweat was already running down my face and my feet ached, but the desire for adventure was stronger. Google Maps took me down a dirt road. I sidestepped puddles as mud splashed my legs. A blister forming on the side of my heel grew. I pressed on. I finally came across a washed out bridge with a creek running over/under it. Google Maps said the creek fed into the river. I hesitated. Was it too dangerous to cross? But I had come all this way! I stood there debating in my head.

Then my phone rang. Younes was on the end, telling me he was loaded and to come back. I hobbled back, climbed into the truck and turned up the AC until the sweat began to dry. I mopped up my legs with wet wipes and examined the heel blister. It had blossomed the size of, well, Texas.

Even though I never saw the Rio, I did have a little mini-adventure. And I want to take the moment to quote Catherine, who I wrote about yesterday and who passed recently.

"Adventure is worthwhile."

Texas landscape and sunrise

#truckingtuesday – Looking for adventure

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