#truckingtuesday – Wildlife!

In the truck, the wildlife we saw was not terribly exciting and mostly consisted of deer hanging out on the side of the road, a little close to our speeding truck for comfort. Being the supportive wife I am, I would keep a running tally of all the deer we saw at sunrise and sunset.

"Oh babe, just saw four more in a cluster here. That brings the total up to seven today.” Or “There's a fawn with them. It's so cute, make sure you don't hit it.” And when we drove through the mountains of West Virginia in the dark and there were deer all over the place, I sang him a very comforting song to the tune of Cat Steven’s Moonshadow.

I'm being followed by a deer shadow, deer shadow, deer shadow
Leaping and hopping out in front of my truck, deer shadow, deer shadow
And if one ever hits my truck,
I will yell and scream “oh f———"

I’m lucky the man loves me.

But the reason I resorted to such antics was because the wildlife was simply not very interesting – at least until we got to Colorado.

As we drove through the valleys in the shadow of the mountains, I peered out of the windows looking for white-water rafting groups. Too late in the day, I surmised, as the early dusk was beginning to settle. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw an enormous fluffy black dog walking off leash. I wondered briefly if the owner was nearby before I registered what I was seeing. ‘BIG BLACK BEAR’ I managed to squeak out to Younes before we hit a curve in the road and the bear was gone.

I didn't have an extra second to snap a iPhone pic, but it was pretty cool. My first bear in the wild sighting! And the experience left me sufficiently entertained enough that Younes got a break from me teasing him about deer shadows.

Oh, and although I'm not with him, he got to see moose yesterday. I'm jealous.

#truckingtuesday – Wildlife!

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