#metsmonday – Update on Beth and then there were 24…

I wrote a few weeks ago about my MBC hero, Beth Caldwell. She had been diagnosed with Lepto mets, a rare and often rapidly fatal complication of breast cancer mets, and decided to go on hospice so she could enjoy the reminder of her time with her family. Well lepto is a bastard to diagnose and there’s lots of false positives and false negatives. Beth appeared to have a false positive. She was diagnosed off an area of enhancement on the brain MRI and she also had some seizures which are a symptom of lepto mets but are also a symptom of regular old brain mets as well.

Anyway, both the spinal tap and follow-up MRI came back negative for lepto. So Beth is off hospice, the entire MBC community is breathing a sigh of relief, although she still faces a long road, which includes whole-brain radiation and more chemo. She’s within weeks of reaching her life goal at original diagnosis, which was seeing her youngest start kindergarten. She’s now thinking about her next goal, to see her oldest become a teenager. Let’s help make that happen.

But since MBC is a sick mofo, as soon as we celebrated Beth’s good news, our community was walloped with an unexpected loss of a young woman. Kristie had just been a Duke a few days before she died, planning her next treatment. What’s more is that Kristie was part of my Hear My Voice advocacy training class back in April. Since late April, we’ve lost three of my class, also including MaryAnne and Stacey. We started at 27. It shouldn’t be this way. Pink ribbons don’t help us. We need research and we need it now.
My training class. Kristie, Stacey and MaryAnne are now gone.

#metsmonday – Update on Beth and then there were 24…

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