#tbt – Gdańsk in Photos, 2015 vs. 2017

I can’t write about my 2017 trip to Gdańsk without writing about my first 2015 trip there. And I will write about it – next week. But this week, I wanted to do a little then and now comparison.

The most striking difference in the photos is that talented Younes took most of the first batch with his good camera and I took the second batch with my iPhone. Aside from that, the other obvious difference is that there are more people the first time around. July vs November tends to bring more people out to sightsee in cold, grey Poland. And with the nice weather, we spent more time outside last time.

Not obvious differences. Our good friend took us to visit with her parents, who were wonderful and gracious hosts, even though we spoke no common language. Her dear father unfortunately passed away only a few weeks after we visited them.

In 2015, I was in my very short stint of “remission” from cancer (I put it in parentheses because I know those little bastard cancer cells were already growing new tumors back them but I was symptomless and certainly hoped – although I didn’t think it was likely – that the cancer would stay away). I had poofy, thick hair growing back. This time around, I was in active treatment, sandwiching my trip to Europe between chemos and covering my almost bare head with winter hats. And geez, I am so more tired this time around.

We were all less settled back in 2015. Younes and I had no one to stay with and rented an apartment because everyone was either living with parents or in tiny one-bedroom flats. But with less responsibilities, we could stay out drinking in the old town till midnight. This time, people own flats outside of the city centre, so between that and the cold, we did more driving and less walking. People have fiancées and live-in partners and new puppies (cutest Jack Russell ever). And my sweet husband stayed in the US to work. I miss him. I’m not all that impressed with grown-up life sometimes. I miss my carefree travels and wanderings. But grown-up life does have some advantages. Money. Nice flats to stay at. And puppies to pet.



#tbt – Gdańsk in Photos, 2015 vs. 2017

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