#wackywednesday – The birthplace of Fahrenheit

In my two trips to Gdańsk, I came across an odd achievement the town has – it’s the birthplace of Daniel Fahrenheit, the guy who invented the Fahrenheit system of measuring temperature.

Daniel Fahrenheit was born in Gdańsk in 1686, although he spent much of his life in the Netherlands. Gdańsk is proud of this heritage and has a bar, hotel and monument named for or honoring the physicist.

Surprisingly, Fahrenheit was first on the scene. Anders Celsius, a Swedish physicist, invented the Celsius scale not long after Fahrenheit invented his scale. While both methods of measurement have been around for a similar amount of time, Celsius only gained its popularity in the past 70 years or so, as more countries adopted the metric system. Nowdays, only a handful of countries besides the United States use Fahrenheit, including…Belize. Neither Poland nor the Netherlands honor their Fahreheitic connection.

In my research, I discovered that Fahrenheit vs Celsius is quite a heated debate on the scientificblogosphere. In fact, if you are a physicist, getting on the wrong side of the debate might get you a cold shoulder. But if you are just a regular nerd like me, pour yourself a hot cup of coffee or cool glass of iced tea, google “is Fahrenheit or Celsius better” and watch the temperature rise.

#wackywednesday – The birthplace of Fahrenheit

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