#sciencesunday – ZDogg MD

How did I just discover ZDogg MD and his scathingly pro-science parodies now?

My favorite so far:

(The original video for those who don’t know it is 50 Cents “in Da Club.”)

Forget Schoolhouse Rock! Any future Little Fawn of mine will be learning science from ZDogg.

A vocabulary lesson:

The beginning part about “no birthdate” is because phlebotomists and lab techs are super anal about making sure the patient’s birthdate is stated and the correct label put on the vial. If I had a dollar for everytime I’ve been asked for my birthdate over the past 4.5 years, I could single-handedly fund cancer research.


STAT=get those results to me quick


PCR=polymerase chain reaction

C Diff=clostridium difficile

MIC=minimum inhibitory concentration



Plates=laboratory hot plates

RPR=syphillis test

Treponema=a more specific syphillis test


Pipette=chemical dropper

#sciencesunday – ZDogg MD