#wisconsinwednesday – Supper Clubs

I am currently sitting at a lakeside cottage in my homestate, still digesting a lovely meal at a traditional Wisconsin Supper Club.

Supper clubs are a Wisconsin staple, but also unfortunately a dying breed. They are still cherished, however, by those who really love large quantities of fairly unhealthy food. Could you believe that the state that came up with cheese curds appreciates food like that? Anyway, my parents – supper club connoisseurs – make a point to visit as many supper clubs as possible whenever they visit Wisconsin. And I’m happy to join them.

Wisconsin Supper Clubs should have these features:

1) Dark wood paneling on the interior.

2) Walls covered in historical photos, sport memoriabila (Go Pack Go!) and/or animal heads.

3) A menu heavy on meats, fish and potatoes. Serves a Friday Night Fish Fry and Prime Rib Saturday on Saturdays.

4) A salad bar that features iceberg lettuce, bacon bits, chunky blue cheese dressing, spring onions, cheese and crackers, and none of that quinoa, or to steal from our dearly departed Anthony Boudain, “Mumford and Sons ancient grains” shit.

5) You don’t need a drink list. Classic martinis (no lemongrass, muddled apple whatever), Old Fashioneds and some classic Wisconsin brewed beer on tap is what’s always served.

6) Save the drink list for after dinner. A Wisconsin supper club will have dessert drinks to round out the meal in a sweet way without diners having to stuff themselves with more food.

7) Relish trays are unfortunately dying out but can still be found at some establishments.

Green Acres provided me with an excellent and authentic supper club experience this evening. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go lie down and clutch my bloated stomach while whimpering and promising I’ll never eat again.

It was worth it though.

#wisconsinwednesday – Supper Clubs