#traveltuesday – How Moroccans vacation

Two of the sites in Morocco that we stopped at last time – Ouzoud Waterfall and Bin el Ouidane reservoir had a certain charm that other places we had visited did not. It took me awhile to figure out, but although there were plenty of international tourists at each place, there were just as many, or more Moroccan tourists out for the day.

We were only at Ouzoud Waterfall briefly this trip, being that all of us had only caught a few hours of sleep in the rental car the previous night and we were exhausted and not alert enough to explore the many hiking around the falls. But I remember having a romantic night there with Younes back during our 2015 trip. We feasted on at a food stand in the village before walking down to the falls. There, we got a simple room for the night and walked down to the many boats where we sat on one and drank Moroccan wine clandestinely as we watched some brave souls explore the caves behind the falls by flashlight.

The next morning, we took breakfast and tea on a balcony overlooking the falls. I proceeded to get into on of the pools and cool off. After a refreshing swim, I slipped a lightweight on over my suit and we walked back up towards the town. At one of the last cafes before we hit the village, Younes was invited to join a jam session of local musicians and I took video of him and amused myself by watching adorable children chase cats.

This trip, we spent an afternoon and evening at Bin el Ouidane. Seeing that bright blue reservoir as we drew near was pretty incredible. As Matt said “it looks like a mini Lake Tahoe.”

The shore was crowded with refurbished boats and jet skis. Some were very comfortable, some were bare bones, but I appreciated the resourcefulness of these Captains. I saw boats with an umbrella or two duct-taped to a corner to provide shade from the sun and a rowboat where the oars were shovels. I noticed few international tourists and it seemed like most of the clientele were middle-class Moroccans on a day trip with the family – I assume the international tourists are more likely to come for carp fishing and rafting expeditions. Younes got us a boat and our guide took us through a narrow section of the reservoir where we could see caves formed out of the surrounding stone. Younes and Matt then rented a jet ski and took off around the lake.

Our guide offered us a decently priced apartment for the night and after a hearty tagine dinner while watching the silvery moon over the reservoir, we tucked in for the night – for me, the first full night’s sleep I had gotten since I left the US. It was delightful.

#traveltuesday – How Moroccans vacation

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