#tbt – Finally finishing the Spain narrative

How did I let this slip past me not just through the summer but through the fall and winter and almost to the spring as well? Oh well – I’ve been either busy or exhausted.

I made some mistakes planning this Morocco/Spain trip. I botched some things, did not communicate properly with the parties involved and tried to shove too many things into a small period of time. But if there was anywhere in the trip I redeemed myself as a trip-planner, it was Quentar.

You see, both my husband and nephew like the city for good food and drink, but really they yearn to be adventuring somewhere in the backwoods. So when I was looking for accommodation in Granada, I set my parameters some km out and found this gem.

Perfect! Affordable, beautiful surrounding and activities. A city bus would take us there for a few Euro. I booked us up.

The afternoon of our departure, Younes was fighting a ManCold so getting him to the bus stop was the hardest part.

But once we got on the bus, everything went smoothly. Halfway there, I emailed the guesthouse owner (who was German and spoke impeccable English) and he was right there to meet us in the town square.

We got to the guesthouse, checked into our modest but clean triple and talked to our host about hikes. With a quasi-plan for the next few days, we set out to the town center to pick up some groceries. The houses and building were a glaring white and the streets zigzagged up and down. It was very hilly and I was sweating and tired by the time we got back to the guesthouse.

Younes took his sick self to bed and Matt and I checked out the pool. The view was nothing less than spectacular and the cool water felt great on my hot skin.

I swam, sunned and enjoyed my surrounding until it was time to prepare dinner. I cooked up some eggs, sliced some bread and made a simple salad. We retired with the idea that we would see how Younes was feeling the next day before deciding whether to hike or not.

The next day, Younes was still sick, so no hiking as we were not going to venture too far afield without the only Spanish speaker in the group. I gave him some orange juice and Matt and I set out to town for medicine and beer.

We found a pharmacy where I was able to playact enough to get Younes’ medicines and a grocery store to get beer. Matt was disappointed about no hiking/adventure (although I was happy to have more downtime) so I suggested the next best thing – sangria. Yelp told me there was one open bar, called Bar Los Angeles. With that name, I didn’t know if it would “feel” Spanish but it did not disappoint. The sangria was refreshing and fruit-choked, the view was great and a cool breeze wafted through the outdoor seating area.

We chatted with a tour guide as we sipped our drinks who was also having some refreshments after a long morning. Her burro was tied up outside patiently waiting.

After two drinks, we made our way back to the guesthouse where Matt took a siesta and I gave Younes his medicine and then headed out to the pool for more relaxation. Eventually Younes felt well enough to join me. That night, we headed back to our afternoon cafe for more sangria, tapas and an amazing platter of jamon and manchego that I inhaled. It was a mild, very pleasant evening, one where I could not imagine being anywhere better.

The next day, it was finally time to hike to the reservoir. Even I was getting restless at that point. After twists and (wrong) turns, we finally made it to the reservoir. Matt and I stripped down to our swimsuits and hopped in. It was sooooo cold. But so refreshing at the same time. And once again – the view was really awesome.

When we returned to the guesthouse, I headed straight for the pool and eventually Younes and Matt joined me. We discussed dinner – there was a trout farm where we could get cheap fish caught from the reservoir. I went off to buy the fish while Younes and Matt had races in the pool. The walk to and from the farm was lovely. I was able to go at my own pace and appreciate the sights I had been too rushed to notice on our hike earlier.

When I got back with our extremely cheap fish (seriously, 5 euro for three huge whole fish), Younes and Matt treated me and took over the dinner prep. Younes cooked the fish and Matt made the salad. They both did a great job. We popped our bottle of cava to celebrate our last night in Spain.

The next day, we would split up, with Younes traveling to see his brother in a different part of the country and Matt and I beginning the long journey back to the US. But for that night, we ate, drank and fully enjoyed Spain.

#tbt – Finally finishing the Spain narrative