#sciencesunday – ZDoggmd takes on medical cannabis

Pretty much everyone with any sort of serious or chronic medical problem has been asked at some point “Have you tried cannabis?” The idea of cannabis as a cure-all being suppressed by BIG PHARMA who wants to conceal NATURAL CURES in order to MAKE MONEY is pervasive. In a way, I understand it. The United State’s zero-tolerance approach to marijuana doesn’t make sense to me. After all, alcohol and cigarettes are very destructive drugs in the wrong hands and they remain legal. And cannabis, particularly CBD, does have some medical benefit.

I have personally researched whether CBD could be an avenue for me to either treat the cancer or side effects from the treatments. I have looked into whether cannabis could help my neurological effects from my brain mets, the nausea from treatment and the anxiety from living with metastatic cancer. The information out there is confusing and often biased one way or another.

ZDogg’s show on cannabis really helped me understand the scientifically proven benefits and non-benefits on its useage. I did find out that I would not get any benefit from using it to treat seizure-related episodes. “Particular type of rare childhood seizure disorder” doesn’t apply to me so I’ll stick with my Keppra and Western-based treatments to control the brain mets that have caused these seizures in the first place.

I have suffered debilitating nausea that stopped responding to Zofran on a previous treatment and am glad cannabis would likely provide some relief from that if I were in the situation of experiencing that side effect again. HOWEVER, due to the potential for liver toxicity and interactions with my anti-seizure meds, careful consultation with my oncologist and neuro-oncologist would be needed before I could begin exploring the possibility of medical MJ usage.

Obviously I do not want to think about end-of-life pain very much but I’m also glad that cannabis might help with that. It gives me some comfort in the dark nights when my mind goes to scary places. Again, CBD is not currently recommended as first-line and if and when to incorporate it would be a decision made with my palliative/hospice team.

Bottom line, I’m really happy that the US is finally moving towards marijuana legalization both for medical usage and just because I think it’s dumb that it hasn’t been legalized before. But as with any other substance, use responsibly. If using it for medical purposes, research and be informed as to side effects and interactions with other drugs. And please watch these videos because ZDogg explains it much better than I could (and he’s funny too!)

#sciencesunday – ZDoggmd takes on medical cannabis

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