#tbt – Revisiting NYC

You want to know what I’m psyched about tonight? In less than 24 hours, I will be in New York City for a reunion with my cousins.

I lived there for seven months in 2013 and I miss it a lot. I moved there because the economy was crap and I was offered a job working for one of my dream organizations – an international student exchange for high school students.So i packed up, found a roommate and the cheapest apartment i could get and jumped in.

I couldn’t afford Manhattan, so I lived out in the Flushing/Jamaica area. It was a mix of Orthodox Jews, Chinese and Bengali immigrants, rough neighborhoods next to prosperous ones. I took long walks to the site of a past World’s Fair and to small markets for veggies. I loved it.

I often worked at the airport, greeting, chaperoning and shuttling off students from all parts of the world. I loved it.

On my office days, I would grab lunch from a food truck and look up at the tall buildings and watch the Staten Island ferry come and go. I loved it.

I would take the subway to my office and the bus to Astoria Park where I went lap swimming. I would put in my earbuds and just people watch. I loved it.

Cancer took me away from New York and the ridiculous rents kept me away, but I’m so excited to go back tomorrow. I’m going to love it.


#tbt – Revisiting NYC

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